Oshi Furniture Sdn Bhd is a Malaysia furniture manufacturing and trading company. Oshi creates the main concept of everyone should have the right to own their desire furniture in comply with the budget, design, quality and satisfaction. We always believes that furniture market is everywhere; it could be very strong and attractive while moving to the new generation market that having the strong needs of design, quality and satisfaction in acceptance pricing level.

Oshi Furniture is specializing in medium to high range of wooden dining furniture which the factory is located in Johor, Malaysia and Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. With the investment to the qualified factory, Oshi Furniture gained partial control over the production line of each to ensure the production resources are fully utilized; hence, to achieve cost efficient and R&D design with its products quality are able to meet the market expectation.

Oshi Furniture also provides all kind of furniture other than wooden dining series. We do sources everywhere to fulfill the big market demands. Our product lines include bedroom set, hotel furniture, restaurant furniture and living room furniture. In Oshi, we believe the market is always under control by our industrial knowledge and experience. Even our trading business is actually getting cost efficient and more competitive compare to other manufacturers. Oshi trading concept – “If you could understand the process to produce the furniture from A to Z, definitely you could minimize the cost to get the competitive selling price!”

​Our market is everywhere! We welcome to those customers from international and domestic market. No matters you are wholesalers, distributors, retailers or end users, from domestic or international, Oshi promise to serve you the best and supply you the furniture to meet your satisfaction in every needs.

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